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jennavere [userpic]


June 24th, 2007 (11:11 am)

Most of you have probably seen this on other authors' journals, but several HD stories were recently archived on a "quizzilla" account without the consent of the authors, and in violation of the quizzilla TOS, which does not allow adult content and/or pornography.

Luckily, that account has since been deleted. Still, like most other authors, I don't want my stories to be somewhere where they violate a website's TOS or are not clearly labeled as adult content.

To that end, if anyone has seen/ever sees anything I've written hosted on a website where it either shouldn't be or isn't clearly labeled with the rating, please let me know!

Thank you!
&hearts jenna

ps. Comments disabled on this post simply because I know it's not my f-list doing the un-consented-to archiving, and I just wanted a post to exist that is absolutely clear on my personal archiving policy, which is PLEASE ASK ME FIRST! :)

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(no subject)

June 17th, 2007 (09:43 pm)

Feeling: cheerful

Hi y'all,

Blah blah blah Real Life blah blah Work blah blah Real Life blah blah.

Okay, now that my excuses for not updating are out of the way... :)

1. Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I love you all and you rock my socks. Same goes to those of you who have recently pointed out that you miss me. So sweet! *is touched* *sends mad love your way*

2. NOTHING has been abandoned. I apologize that it is taking so long to complete Vertigo and that you've had to wait months and months for the end, but I promise that I still work on it whenever I have time (i.e, this weekend!) and that it WILL be completed.

3. FIC REC: Big Chicago by samaelthekind (one of the newest in his long line of fantastic fanfic). Summary: Drake Malfoy is serving seven years in prison for being a drug mule for an old boyfriend, when a green eyed man shows up and turns his world upside down. Very adult: X/NC-17 rating.

Not for the faint of heart, and far from my usual fluffy preferences, as it's a gritty and angsty AU that hits hard, but it's incredible. I have fallen in love with this incarnation of Draco and will be rooting for him until the last word has been posted.

4. Embarassing work story.Collapse )

I'm still embarassed. I'm really not that kind of girl - well, outside of the slash world, at least :)!

I really hope all of you are doing well!


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(no subject)

April 10th, 2007 (10:03 pm)

Feeling: mellow

Note to self: for April resolution, update LJ more, even if no other update to share.

Hello darlings! This is just a Monty-Python's-Search-For-The-Holy-Grail-Esque "I'm not dead!" post. You know, where I promise that a) I'm still around; b) I haven't abandoned any of my stories; and c) I still love you all, truly madly deeply.

I wish I had an update to share, I really do (ravenna_c_tan, if you're reading this, I am very, very sorry that after all that pretty begging for an extension on hp_tarot I still haven't finished my fic...).

On a RL note...Collapse )

In the meantime, I'll try to update more, because I've meet some awesome people via lj and email and I miss you guys. And I really, really hope all of you are doing awesome!

Take care y'all!

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The post-QFAC post!

March 4th, 2007 (06:27 pm)

Feeling: sponsors = love

LOOOONG Post-QFAC post behind the cutCollapse )

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Vertigo 8!

February 27th, 2007 (08:00 am)

Feeling: ninja

Hi y'all,

In light of hpqfac, when I realized that I was never going to be able to finish Vertigo exactly as I wanted in the next two days, I decided to go ahead and split a chapter again so I could post at least something for y'all to read.

Ergo, I am very, very happy to bring you:

Chapter 8: Cock-tease

I apologize that it's more of an interlude than a full chapter, but it sort of sets the stage for the climax (hee hee, I said climax) of the story, in the final two - yes, it will now be a total of ten - chapters.

Okay, now I got to run - yes, it really is the ungodly early hour of the morning you think it is, and yes, I got up early to post this before work, because I was afraid I wouldn't have another chance before February ends. Hopefully I can post something more for Quills for a Cause in the next couple days, but if not, at least I got this in!

&hearts jen

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Vertigo 7 is UP!

February 10th, 2007 (04:25 pm)

Feeling: OMGYAY!

Howdy howdy howdy, y'all! I am extremely happy to be able to tell you that Chapter 7 of Vertigo has finally been posted!


"I said I'm seventeen, Harry."

Draco's quiet words echoed loudly in the sudden silence, their meaning drowning out even the soft drone of the television...

Read more here!

FYI, this is now 7 of 9 chapters, and if you think it's full of pointless Harry/Draco fluff, remember, Y'ALL MADE ME DO IT. :)

More importantly though, if you enjoyed the chapter or are happy to read it, don't thank me. Thank my beautiful Quills for a Cause sponsors:

lunadragon, witherwings7, alaana_fair, lumagoo, minerva276,
superstupy86, eloriee, and grace75

Their generosity in donating to amFAR allowed me to put fanfiction first these past ten days, and finally get this chapter done.

Next up...chapter 8!

*goes back to her furious writing*

&hearts jen

ps. In my hurry to post, I apologize, but the chapter is unbetaed. Feel free to point out errors; I'm sure they're there. Thanks!

pps. Maybe this is outing myself as a huge nerd, but when I edited the Skyehawke summary to read 7/9 instead of 6/8, all I could think was "Seven of Nine...STAR TREK!"

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9 chapters then...

February 6th, 2007 (10:02 pm)

Feeling: writing

*stares at comments on previous post*

Well. That seems to answer that question. Nine chapters it is, and you'll get Chapter 7 post haste!

Thanks so much everyone! Now back to writing furiously...

&hearts jen

ps. Seriously, thanks - I honestly do worry about boring readers with unnecessary scenes, because I have a tendency to bulk up my stories with stuff that's fun to write but more or less completely pointless. However, my darling flist has made it abundantly clear that more Harry/Draco = good thing, so I shan't worry myself anymore :).

pps. I apologize if I seem rude at all - it's not that I don't want to respond to comments, because I really do, but I have a feeling that y'all would rather I spend my time writing. But I do appreciate it!

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February 5th, 2007 (08:37 pm)

Feeling: typing

*pokes head out of MS Word for a moment*

Hello all! So, I have braved the waters of my first business trip! And found them...absurdly uneventful. It's like work, only in a different city. And without my bloody ASSISTANT! Ugh.

Anyway, just letting y'all know that I'm home and am writing away for hpqfac (thanks again to all my lovely sponsors!).

Now, the question:

How much Vertigo do you really want to read? You may have noticed that as of January 31, Chapter 7 had over 10,000 words and IT'S ONLY GETTING BIGGER. There are a few scenes that I've written that don't really advance the plot, but are just Harry/Draco stuff. So I can either:

a) Cut the scenes and keep Vertigo at the promised 8 chapters

- 0R -

b) Keep the scenes, slice humongous Mr. Chapter 7 in half, and have 9 chapters (yes, this means you would get an update very, very soon).


*goes back to writing*

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(no subject)

January 26th, 2007 (07:08 pm)

Feeling: omfg

SHITE!Collapse )

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QFAC and Current Word Counts

January 24th, 2007 (07:12 pm)

Feeling: I &hearts my sponsors

Okay, the Harry/Draco LJ community officially blows my mind. Less than 24 hours after I post, I've got several incredibly sweet, generous sponsors for Quills for a Cause (hpqfac)!!!

*worships sponsors, who are lovely and generous and earning mad Karma points for being so unbelievably awesome*

There is no limit to the number of sponsors a writer/artist can have, so for any other giving souls out there who are interested in using fanfiction to fund HIV/AIDS research, you can definitely still sign up!

(And it's not too late for writers/artists either; you can still sign up, even if you don't have a sponsor - they will try to find one for you.)

To sponsor me or anyone else, go HERE.
Leave a comment with the name of whom you would like to sponsor and how much you are willing to donate (again, any amount helps!).

For the record: my sponsors have expressed interest in having several of my WIPs finished (I can SO relate). As only words written in February count toward donations, I made a list of my WIP fics with their current word counts. At the end of February, I will compare my stories against these numbers to calculate my Total Word Count.

My Pre-February Word CountCollapse )


Now watch me get ready to write my heart out...

love jen

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January 23rd, 2007 (10:15 pm)

Feeling: spreading the love

Harry/Draco Writer Seeks Sponsor For Worthy Project

- or -


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Many, many thanks!

January 1st, 2007 (02:05 pm)

Currently: home
Feeling: lucky & loved
Music: U2

It's official. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

First, let me apologize for not responding to all the lovely Christmas cheer sooner; I was out of town. And I was out of town because RL surprised me with a vacation I never saw coming - an office that was closed between Christmas and New Year, and some amazing friends who dragged my ass far away for some much needed time off.

Second, I came home to amazing Christmas wishes from my amazing online friends!! Many, many heartfelt thanks to:

My lovely givers of LJ virtual gifts: 1miracle for the mistletoe, moonflower_rose for the bundle of gifts, and arrmaitee for the mysterious "dark liquid!"

aredblush for the adorable kitty!Harry drawing!

samaelthekind for Bewitching Changes 2: Yule Never Forget This, the fantastic, hysterical, and sweet sequel to his veela!Draco gift!fic, Bewitching Changes.

And this wasn't a Christmas present, but also many thanks to minjew for her very sexy drawing of Harry and Draco!

Thank you all!!!

(And if by some chance I left you out - TELL ME PLEASE!)

Finally, I am pleased to say that I have made mad progress on Vertigo over the last few days, and while it isn't done yet, the end is in sight. I won't make promises that I can't keep about when it will be posted, but like I said, the end is in sight.

So, in summation: Me = luckiest girl ever. Y'all rock!

Happy New Year to all who celebrate it!

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Veela!Draco Gift Fic, YAY!

December 6th, 2006 (09:02 pm)

Currently: finally home
Feeling: grateful
Music: madonna

Zomg, y'all.

So last night, samaelthekind and I were talking, and he's like, hey, The Veela Enigma hit 100K hits and I'm like, omgyay, and he's all congrats and I'm all thanx and then to joke around I'm all I should pimp out veela!Draco to "celebrate" but really to try and get people to write HD fic for me to read.

So I go to work today and have like, the WORST day and I'm SO tired and cranky and I finally get home and check my email and OMFG. Sir Samael rockies my sockies and just about everything else known to man and fangirl because HE SO TOTALLY WROTE ME VEELA!DRACO/MATE!HARRY FIC!!!

Bewitching Changes (PG) by samaelthekind

I love it. Prepare to squeal and squee and melt with the utter cuteness of veela!Draco. It's adorable. samaelthekind is TEH BESTEST EVAH.

Me wibbling a littleCollapse )

jennavere [userpic]


December 5th, 2006 (09:53 pm)

Currently: Wolfram!
Feeling: Wolfram!
Music: Wolfram!

Happy 1st Birthday, kkm_wolframfans!

Here's to a fun community dedicated to bringing us the best of the most beautiful bishounen in the business.

(And hey, any excuse to have Wolfram on my lj!)


ps. For those of you who don't follow my filtered posts - Vertigo has not been abandoned and it's not going to be. I apologize for the delay in the final chapters (like everyone else, I occasionally have to put my RL first :) ), but it will be finished.

pps. Pinky swear.

ppps. Beautiful Wolfie banner by kororo_minamoto over on kkm_wolframfans

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Birthday gift fic!

November 5th, 2006 (10:38 pm)

Currently: home
Feeling: busy
Music: U2

Howdy howdy howdy:

Big apologies, but no updates; however, I will assure you that while very, very slow, progress is being made on Vertigo, which will not be abandoned. I know exactly how it's all ending; it's just a question of getting all the words down on paper.

I had a lovely pep talk from our resident porn goddess calanthe_fics, who gave me the valuable advice to just write when I can, what I can, even if it's only a paragraph a day. So it's crawling, yes, but at least it's moving.

In other news, profmckitten wrote me a birthday fic! *snuggles profmckitten* It's lovely and sweet and angsty-with-a-happy-ending. It's posted behind the cut, so enjoy, and tell her how awesome she is!

Thanks, y'all!


My Birthday Present!Collapse )


profmckitten's stories pwn my &hearts . For serious...

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Today's Drabble

October 18th, 2006 (06:06 pm)

Feeling: yay!

Okay, first off -thank you so much for the amazing prompts! Wow, some of them were like stories in and of themselves. I know I won't get to all of them, but I'll do what it takes to get going again so I can finish Vertigo and my proper gift!fics.

And thank you kindly for all your lovely comments; hopefully I'll get a chance to respond to them this evening and maybe do another drabble. In the meantime, here's one I - HA! YES! - wrote at work! Damn the man for trying to keep the HD lovin' down!


Prompt by frances_veritas: Bottom!Draco and Jealous!Harry in a theme park or a fair. Harry gets jealous when a guy starts flirting with Draco...

Here.Collapse )

Heading off now; hopefully more later!

&hearts y'all


EDIT: Sorry, no more drabbles tonight (I gots to get my sleep), but tomorrow I'll give it another go - more quick and dirty drabbles for the author in need of HD therapy.


jennavere [userpic]


October 17th, 2006 (10:15 pm)

Many, many thanks to my lovelies who read my plea of a stuffy, proper, and boring work-burnt brain and threw me some prompts for drabbles!

(These are just for fun, because I've been having such a hard time writing proper fic and I wanted to write short, quick, possibly very crappy drabbles to remind myself that there is writing beyond the pages of non-fiction and technical crap I write everyday. See this post for more detailed whining.)


Prompt by chlorate: The first time Harry says "I love you" (with sap).
Here.Collapse )


Prompt by enablelove: Draco wants something new and asks Harry for Parselsmut.
Here.Collapse )


H/D drabble therapy! I'll do a couple more tomorrow (whatever it takes to get this stupid brain of mine working again).

Thanks y'all!

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Hot Boys, Awards and Pimping

October 6th, 2006 (08:22 pm)

Currently: drooling over Boyd and Kevin
Feeling: lovestruck

Hi y'all,

1. New background images! Time to use your imagination, kids, and pretend that Boyd Holbrook and Kevin Zegers are not actually a hot American model and a sexy Canadian actor - they're grown-up British wizards!

(Okay, okay. They're a hot American model and a sexy Canadian actor who happen to be a blonde and a messy-haired brunet with green eyes. Eye candy = a perfectly valid reason to create an LJ background.)

Many, many thanks to everyone who supplied links to extremely hot guys as possible older!Dracos and older!Harrys, and special thanks to insurgentdraff and tracy for the pictures I'm currently using. *licks*

2. Anyone looking for a challenge or a cool reason to write fic? There are still a few (and only a few!) spaces left at hp_tarot. Prompts come from the different cards of the tarot deck, and you can write or draw for any pairing or character. There are already 85 of us; go and stake your claim here!

(I'm doing The Fool, and - surprise, surprise - a Harry/Draco pairing ;). )

3. The Veela Enigma was voted the winner in the "Veela" category at The Sorting Hat, a Harry Potter thematic fanfiction awards site. Thank you so much to The Sorting Hat, to lothy and painless_j for organizing, and to everyone who participated!

4. Next time, on jennavere's public lj: fics recs and updates!

jen &hearts

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Fic Rec!

September 7th, 2006 (05:12 pm)

Feeling: pimp-like

Delicious, yummy, snuggly, sweet, sexy fic to rec!

Title: Starfuckers
Author: rubymoth.
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harry cannot stop longing for Draco; knowing Draco won't ever look his way, he seeks help for his unrequited condition. Draco is suffering the same problem. The cure is simple, but when it comes to dating, things are not so easy for the Malfoy Heir and the Boy Who Lived.

Read it at Ruby's website or The Hex Files.

So hot. So good.


jennavere [userpic]

New Fanart, SQUEE!

September 3rd, 2006 (11:54 am)

Feeling: touched

Hi y'all:

I've got to share two awesome new pieces of fanart. First, this comic, which is comes from the scene in chapter 2 (NC-17) of Intrepid Teenage Hero, where Blaise and Harry are talking about Harry's little tryst with Draco. It's brilliant; really funny and cute. I love the little comic!Harry and comic!Blaise; their expressions are priceless!

Check out her whole website here!

Also, I got this adorable picture of Kitty!Draco from aredblush:

And the matching icon!
*would point, but is dead from cute*

Thank you SO much! I love you guys!

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